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Internship at Geon

Internship Program

Option 1: Internship at Geon


Geon bv is an autonomous, independent consultancy firm specialised in geo-information. Our firm originated from Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of Applied Sciences, and therefore we place a high value on knowledge.
Our employers have an WO/HBO educational background and focus on consultancy, as well as teaching. Because of this combination, our knowledge about geo-information stays up-to-date and our services are continuously adjusted to the latest geospatial innovations.
Accordingly, our philosophy states the following: “The design and organisation of geospatial services consist of three components: information technology (IT), subject matter expertise and organisational change.” All three components can be approached from an individual angle. However, we strive towards an integral approach because this leads to improved and future-proof solutions. Therefore, the use of GIS service within organisations, together with IT and a gradual organisational change, generates a paradigm. This means working towards a successful geospatial service requires specific regulation, tools and expertise. Geon combines all these aspects in its service delivery.
Geon is predominantly working for (semi-)governmental institutions. In short, this means that we are entirely independent from suppliers of IT, software and data, but do manage an extensive network of contacts within this sector. Together with umbrella organisations, we work on project basis. For more information please visit our website:


Geon offers you the possibility to broaden your knowledge and experience in the geo-information field by applying for an internship at our firm. In case you are accepted to the internship, you will work on projects with a variety of subjects, for different clients. Most projects will be focused on data management, data analyses, visualisation and research. The duration of the internship is flexible. Together with you we will decide the exact duration.
The GIS specialists working at Geon will supervise you during your internship. For example, intermediary evaluations between you and your internship supervisor will take place on a regularly basis to improve your knowledge about geo-information.

Option 2: Professional practice at Green Gold in Ghana


Since a couple of years, a former state-owned farm of 3000 hectare in the northern part of the Volta-region in Ghana, has been redeveloped to serve a new purpose. A Dutch-Ghanaian couple transformed the farm into a social corporation with the primary goal to strengthen the economic and social possibilities of the population living in this remote region.


The moringa tree is often called the ‘wonder tree’ and offers great possibilities for landscaping, food production, cosmetic purposes and health improvement. However, because of the lack of knowledge and expertise, and because of the influence of cultural factors, not all capabilities of the plant are discovered yet.


On the Green Gold farm, new moringa plantations have been established and farmers in the region are being taught how to use the plant to its full potential. The moringa tree can be harvested within four years and therefore, can be characterized as a fast growing tree that flourishes well in the savannah of Northern Ghana. The Green Gold farm harvests the moringa, dries the leaves and presses the seeds to oil. Farmers in the surrounding areas of the Green Gold Farm can get their seeds pressed at the farm as well. Consequently, Green Gold farm is working on the development of an international sales market for moringa.


The Green Gold farm started their corporation two years ago and have already build a beautiful compound in the village of Zongo. In agreement with the local famer population and the chief of the area, Green Gold farm will expand their business plan. Together with Meet Africa (‘Ontmoet Afrika’), they offer internships and opportunities for voluntary work at their farm.


In September 2018, a couple of GIS specialists from Geon travelled to the Green Gold farm in Ghana to do some exploratory research. They started mapping the area of the farm and it surroundings using GPS devices. Mapping the area proved to be extremely helpful. Firstly, the local government (chief) gained a better understanding of the geographical characteristics of the terrain they govern. Secondly, the Green Gold farms gets more insight in the landscape that forms their agricultural fields. And lastly, important decisions can be taken based on the fundamental information about the area.


The Green Gold Farm, Geon and Meet Africa are all working on strengthening a less developed area: they are building a beautiful corporation that promotes economic growth and development opportunities. This benefits a region with an approximate resident population of 5000.
This joint internship program strives to send two interns to he Green Gold Farm in Ghana each year for a period of two to four months. During the internship the intern will perform an research in the field of GIS or geoinformation.


The supervision of this internship option is the responsibility of Meet Africa. This organisation has over 15 years’ experience with the supervision of interns doing an intercultural internship.

Option 3: Internship at a GKG- data source owner


In 2015, four different regional data source owners started working together to establish Gegevensknooppunt Groningen (GKG). In the GKG project, different organisations are working together to share geo-information across the public-, the private- and the public-private domain to answer societal cross domain questions. GKG gathers up-to-date geo-information in a central place in the cloud, and connects (inter) regional and national facilities. The datahub handles a question- and theme-directed opening of geo-information and provides spatial data via webservices, accompanied by meta-data. In 2016 a pilot was established to determine the added value of such a regional datahub.
The pilot showed positive results. Therefore, in 2017 other regional- and national organisations were invited to join GKG. Accordingly, nineteen regional- and national organisation joined GKG. During the realisation process, from the first of April 2017 till the first of December 2017, the member organisations worked together to develop the regional datahub. Themes, such as waterchain, soil quality, Environment and Planning Act/ logging concession and energy transition were collectively worked out by the organisations.
The GKG website went live on the fourteenth of December 2017. With this step the member organisations established GKG as a regional datahub. The positive experiences and outcomes were motives to carry forward with the sustainable collaboration between different organisations in GKG. At the moment, eight data source owners, seven water chain clusters, two clients and two partners are cooperating in GKG. For more information please visit the website:


We are giving you the opportunity to bring your knowledge and experience into practice at one of the data source owners of GKG. You will get to experience the value of a chain cooperation regarding diverse themes, such as living and health, energy transition, water management, the Environment and Planning Act, soil and subsoil, and public order and safety.
The daily supervision of this internship option is the responsibility of the data source owner. In addition, GIS specialists of Geon will support you during the internship as well.


We can offer you a monthly internship compensation for the entire duration of the internship. For the second internship option we will compensate your travel to Africa.


In case you are interested in one (or more) of the internship options we would like to receive your CV. Based on your CV we may invite you for a interview to get to know each other more. If the interview is received well on both sides we would like to welcome you as a new intern.
We ask for a personal contribution of €395,00 for the second internship option (Green Gold Farm in Ghana). This contribution will cover the training weekend to prepare for the internship abroad.